So… You want to Buy a Telescope
One of the best purchases you will ever make!
It's difficult to know which telescope to buy
But… It is not exactly easy to work out which one
Researching all of the different options can drive you nuts
It is easy to get terminology overload and analysis paralysis. The truth is if you stick to a respected brand from a trusted store then there are only a few crucial things you really need to know … Questions to ask yourself really. Take a look at our Telescope Buying Guide (this website) and then take some action.
1. Ask Yourself
Questions to ask Yourself What do I want to look at?
The Moon and nearby planets, deep space or both.
Where do I want to look at it from?
Your home (light pollution) or out and about (portability)
How much can I afford to pay?
Including all essential and must have accessories
Planetary or Deep Space observation
To know why you need to answer these questions take a look at our quick guide to Choosing a Telescope
2. Choose a Type of Telescope
Refractor Refractor Telescope Reflector Reflector Telescope Catadioptric Catadioptric Telescope
Best Observing:


Best Observing:

Deep Space

Best Observing:

Good for Both

-Ease of use
-Little to no maintenance
-Mirrors cheaper than lenses
-Good night time viewing
-Good All Rounder
-Easy to use and portable
-Heavy and bulky
-Lens cost limits size
-Can be fragile & sensitive
-Will need to clean & align
-Looks little like a ‘telescope’
-Cost more than reflectors
Take a look at our quick guide to the Types of Telescopes
3. Fix Your Budget Telescopes can be expensive
An Astronomical Telescope can be astronomically expensive and so you want to make sure that you are going to get the best bang for your buck. Some of your stargazing dreams may need to take a reality check at this point but don’t worry as there are some excellent beginner scopes to get your astronomical experience underway.
Take a look at our quick guide to how much you should pay for a Telescope.
4. Know Which Accessories are Essential Which telescope accessories are essential
It is important to note that there are some accessories that are essential – if your favored scope doesn’t come with a tripod or mount you will not have happy viewing and so you are going to have to buy them. With the essentials out of the way there are some extremely useful tools that you are quickly going to want to get for your astronomical arsenal. And once you have those, well, the sky is not the limit, it’s just the start of it!
Take a look at our quick guide to Telescope Accessories.
5. Find a Good Supplier
I have said it before and I will say it again, when it comes to buying a telescope – Buy a Trusted Brand from a Trusted Supplier
You are looking for somewhere with a decent product range and a good level of after sales support. Good Telescopes are not Toys!
Take a look at our quick guide on Where to Buy a Telescope


This site has been designed as a telescope buying guide of sorts to help you answer the above the questions. When you know what sort of telescope you want to buy and how much you have to spend check out our product recommendations for what we believe to be some of the best beginner and intermediate scopes on the market right now

Last but not least….
Every night spent researching which telescope to buy
Is another missed opportunity to Stargaze